Glydr Mobile App Helps Students Find Flexible Employment and Internships


As a college or university student, how can you find work that not only fits in with your class schedule, but also aligns with your short- or long-term financial and educational goals? Lining up work while you’re still in school can be a formidable challenge. Fortunately, there’s good news: One of Distillery’s clients, Glydr, just released a new iOS mobile app designed to help students solve exactly this problem. The free platform helps US-based college and university students to find and apply for internships, freelance work, on-demand gigs, and part-time jobs.
The easy-to-use app lets students and employers quickly create accounts and populate profiles using their Facebook accounts or email addresses. The app’s search functionality makes it easy to post, find, and apply for flexible but rewarding work in areas such as business, finance, media, technology, education, services, delivery, shopping, and home help. Even before launch, the concept began to generate a buzz — it was even featured on the Huffington Post!
Over the past year, Distillery supported the Glydr team with mobile app development, including helping them to build out their product concept, anticipate and address the diverse needs of both students and employers, enable easy-to-use admin functionality, and ultimately create a product that would deliver value to all parties. The Distillery team also built a landing page, provided technical support up to and following App Store launch, and began working with the Glydr team on minor updates to expand functionality. As the client explained, “Distillery’s exceptionally talented team was instrumental in taking a small idea and bringing it to life. Their understanding of the needs of startups, market entry, design, and user-friendliness of mobile applications is what sets them apart.”
Kudos to the talented Distillery team that helped Glydr make the magic happen, including Product Manager EB Shonnard; Project Manager Anna Smal; UI/UX Designer Luciana Flora; Fullstack Developers Alexander Posashenko and Alexander Zamaratskiy; iOS Developers Konstantin Ryzhikh, Alexsey Shepitko, and Vasiliy Dumanov; and QA Engineers Ivan Vrazovskiy, Anna Varetsa, Maria Proshina, Ekaterina Golubeva, and Alexey Belskiy.
Want to learn more about how Distillery supports startups like Glydr with everything from product ideation through post-launch support? Let us know!

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