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Did you know that Distillery is now publishing an average of two new blog posts a week? That’s at least EIGHT new blogs every month. We’ve been working hard to produce high-quality blog content that’s genuinely useful, valuable, and relevant to the lives of our clients, our partners, and our software design and development colleagues. Have you missed any blogs that may have been particularly relevant to you?

Now, you can make certain you never miss another blog post. How? Easy: sign up now for Distillery’s new Telegram channel! We launched our Telegram channel at the beginning of November. We’ll use it to keep you apprised of all our latest blog posts.

Distillery’s blog — written by our execs, developers, designers, project managers, QA team, and sales and marketing team — focuses on sharing guidance, tips, and insight on new technologies, best practices, and other fascinating topics. Of course, we also share news and stories about our company and our clients, including projects we’ve worked on, awards we’ve won, and exciting developments for our clients. Just in the past few weeks, blog posts have focused on topics as diverse as what makes a good developer, automatic vs. manual testing, SignalR, the whys and hows of trademarking your app’s name, moving from RubyMine to Atom. In the coming weeks and months, you’ll see blogs about helping your team develop emotional intelligence and a very cool Amazon Echo app project we’ve been working on (nēdl). You’ll also see a series of expert-interview-based blogs focused on topics central to entrepreneurship, startups, and app development, including the importance of marketing for app launch, securing the right office space for your startup, selling your startup, making explainer videos for apps, startup accelerator programs, and securing startup financing). We hope you’ll check them out — and even more importantly, we hope that they’ll prove genuinely useful to you.

Got an idea for a blog topic you’d like to see us cover? Let us know!
And in the meantime, sign up for Distillery’s Telegram channel!

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