Distillery Congratulates Sixgill on $27.9M in Series B Financing

Distillery Congratulates Sixgill on $27.9m in Series B Financing
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Congratulations to our client, Sixgill, LLC, and Sixgill CEO Phil Ressler for their recent closing on $27.9M in Series B financing! The latest round of funding is exciting news for Sixgill, as well as a strong testimonial to the strength of the company’s product offerings and future vision. According to Harry Hopper, the founder and managing partner of Mobile Financial Partners (an investor participating in the funding), “Sixgill is building the foundation data services that can help every industry tap the next leg of productivity growth.”

Sixgill’s primary product, SenseTM, is a universal sensor data services platform essential for companies needing to govern Internet of Everything (IoE) assets and build sensor-informed apps. As more and more assets become connected, new sensor data is creating a deluge of information that needs to be managed. The Sense data services platform provides organizations with flexibility to develop responsive, sensing IoE apps without being limited by scale, data sources, or data diversity.

Distillery is privileged to support Sixgill’s mission to help organizations to more effectively govern their IoE assets and “acquire, analyze, and act” on sensor-generated data. We are excited to see what happens next for them.

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