Distillery Developer to Share Insight on Teaming at Agile Kitchen Conference

Distillery Developer to Share Insight on Teaming at Agile Kitchen Conference

Distillery is excited to announce that on Thursday, November 2nd, our Android Developer Kirill Akhmetov will be giving a presentation at the Agile Kitchen Conference in Russia!

Kirill will be speaking on the topic of cultivating effective team relationships in a software development company environment. His presentation will include useful tips on how to build positive workplace interactions with other developers, managers, and QA team members. He will share the insight he’s gained through his nearly eight years of experience as a developer and a team member.

Kirill began his development career as a C++ developer, eventually switching to ActionScript and game dev. Today, however, he’s fully devoted to Android development, constantly setting new goals for himself and achieving them in style. In his free time, Kirill enjoys hustle dancing.

During his work at Distillery, Kirill has proven himself to be the genuine life of the party. We are thrilled to have such a top-notch professional representing Distillery at the conference.

Interested in hearing more about how Distillery’s team members collaborate for success and build apps using Agile methodology? Let us know!

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