Happy Programmers Day from all of us at Distillery!

Distillery Wishes You an Excellent Day of the Programmer
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We at Distillery would like to take this opportunity to wish all the programmers out there a very happy Day of the Programmer! Here at Distillery, our software developers work so hard everyday to build the apps and other digital products that help our clients build their businesses and their brands. We know that their behind-the-scenes work doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves, so we wanted to make certain to take this moment to honor their important efforts. We’re fully aware that without programmers, we’d have a bunch of pretty interfaces that don’t do anything. 😉

The Day of the Programmer is celebrated internationally on the 256th day of each year. The number 256 was selected because it’s the number of distinct values that can be represented with an 8-bit byte — a value well-known by all programmers. It’s also 28 (two to the eighth power), which is the highest power of two that can fit into our 365-day year.

Want to hear more about how Distillery’s software developers go the extra mile for our clients? Let us know!

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