Distillery’s 2017 Year in Review

Distillery's year in review

For any successful business, taking the time to look back is a crucial step in finding the right path forward. It’s only by looking back that we can understand how far we’ve come, as well as how far we’ve yet to go.
With this in mind, each year, Distillery performs a year-end review summarizing the company’s key goals, achievements, and areas for improvement. While we’ve already shared a summary of the honors and awards we were fortunate enough to achieve in 2017, we thought it’d be interesting and illuminating to share a few other highlights from our 2017 year-end review.

In 2017, Distillery achieved:

  • Team growth — We added 54 people to the Distillery team this year, drawing from a pool of 585 candidates. Our office in St. Petersburg, Russia, grew nearly sixfold.

  • Family growth — Our employees gave birth to 12 children this year!

  • New technologies and competencies — In particular, we made strategic additions in DevOps, Scala, sales, and marketing.

  • Skills development — We participated in 10 software development conferences focused on topics such as frontend development, JavaScript, .NET, QA, Google technologies, servers and databases, and creative design.

  • New geographies — We established locations in two new cities, St. Petersburg and Moscow.

  • Blog expansion — We posted 58 blogs. Our top-performing blogs included Getting Started with Kubernetes on AWS and Making a Rails App Move Faster: A Tale of Lessons Learned.

  • Website visitors — On average, Distillery’s website had 1,108 unique users per month.

  • Project volume — Our four biggest clients in 2017 accounted for a whopping 287 releases and 4 apps between them.

In addition, because everybody knows that a successful year is fueled by copious amounts of food and drink, here are a few more fun facts. In 2017, Distillery’s employees consumed:

  • Espresso — Approximately 37,000 cups of espresso.
  • Pizza — Approximately 250 pizzas.
  • Fast food — Approximately 500 orders of fast food.
  • Milk — Approximately 25,926 quarts of milk.

We can’t wait to see what 2018 will bring. Whatever it brings, it will definitely involve a great deal of passion, learning, exciting new projects and technologies, and — of course — espresso.
Planning a project or initiative in 2018 that will benefit from Distillery’s top-tier design and development talent? Let us know!

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