Glydr Wins Silver in the Best Mobile App Awards!


We’re excited to share that another Distillery-built app has been honored with a prestigious award! Best Mobile App Awards (BMAA) has honored Glydr, an innovative iOS app that matches students with internships and part-time work, with a silver award in the “Best New Mobile App” category. We’re thrilled for Glydr, and incredibly proud of the hard-working Distillery team that helped bring the app to life.

Glydr, which has been featured in Entrepreneur and the Huffington Post, fills a unique employment need. College and university students have long had difficulty finding work that fits their interests as well as their schedules. The free Glydr app makes it easy for students to find and apply for internships and flexible work, and for employers to match with qualified student applicants.

Glydr’s overarching goal is to help students make money, build relationships, and gain experience for the road ahead. To learn more about how Glydr works and how it was built, check out our blog telling the story of its development.

BMAA was founded in 2012 to act as a central authority and showcase highlighting the best apps on the market. Covering all markets, platforms, and markets, the BMAAs help apps like Glydr to gain the recognition they deserve. The BMAAs have been featured on CNET, The Street, Yahoo! Finance, and other publications and news outlets.

BMAA winners are selected by a committee of highly experienced app designers, developers, and publishers. Criteria considered include the app’s functionality, creativity, originality, productivity, innovation, design, and number of votes received on the BMAA website.

Glydr is taking off in a real way, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for them! Congratulations to everyone on the Glydr team, and to everyone at Distillery who helped them along their path.

Interested in developing your own award-winning mobile app? Let us know!

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