Meet Distillery: Andrea Montelongo, Head of Recruitment

meet distillery andrea

At Distillery, our amazing employees are at the center of everything we do — And they deserve to have the spotlight!

In our “Meet Distillery” series, we introduce you to some of the talented experts who help us (and our partners) bring ideas to life.

Today, we’d like to introduce Andrea, our Head of Recruitment!

Introduce yourself, your background/expertise, and your position at Distillery

Hi there! I’m Andy, a Talent Acquisition Expert with more than 8 years of experience in the IT industry. 

I started my career as an IT recruiter (I had no clue why Java and JavaScript weren’t the same), and I still remember when I had to make my first call to a candidate, I was literally shaking! But it was nothing that could not be improved thanks to good mentors, constant training, & practice.

I’m now part of the Distillery team as LATAM Head of Recruitment, driving talent acquisition efforts in the region.

Given your work experience, what are the biggest strengths that you bring to your role at Distillery?

I’d say being empathic, always listening to my team, and acting as a facilitator for them to be successful. My knowledge of the IT market and all my experience in the recruitment field is another plus. 

What attracted you to Distillery?

I had heard good things about Distillery, I had a couple of friends working here and they encouraged me to apply.

The way my hiring process was carried out played a key role for me. All the people I met during it made me feel supported and 100% sure that we could do great things together.

I couldn’t be happier that I made that decision!

What has been your favorite part about being on the Distillery team?

The people! They are the ones who make the impossible possible. I’ve met fascinating people here! 

What’s your secret work-related “pet peeve” related to your role/industry that doesn’t really matter but drives you crazy?

When something is not correctly formatted, it doesn’t matter where or when.

Coffee or tea? How many cups in a normal work day?

Coffee in this life and the next! I’m a coffee lover, I couldn’t face my mornings without it. If you want some recommendations, feel free to reach out 😉 

…And after the office a beautiful and delicious Gin & Tonic!

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Spending time with my loved ones, having breakfast & traveling! 

What are three to five hashtags that describe you (both personally and professionally)?

#resilient  #goaloriented  #peopleoriented  #empathic #ambitious #optimistic and #smiling 

What is your most-used/favorite emoji?


What’s your favorite book (Or what are you currently reading)?

My favorite work-related book is The Inspirational Leader by Gifford Thomas. But I can recommend some that have helped me to keep growing: Who by Geoff Smart and Randy Street, The Manager’s Path by Camille Fournier, Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek, The 4 Disciplines of Excecution by Chris MsChesney and Sean Covey. 

My next one will be “Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts.” by Brene Brown, can’t wait! 

What is your ideal vacation (Or what vacation did you last take)?

Cabin in the woods + red wine + cold weather & family.

What languages can you speak?

Spanish as my native language and English. BUT I’d love to learn Portuguese. 

If you could live in any city, where would it be?

I love Mexico! It’s food, culture, and people! So I can truly say that I am living where I want!  Close to my family and friends in Colima, Mex.