Meet Distillery: Maria, Our iOS Enthusiast

Maria Kulkova's employee spotlight

At Distillery, our amazing employees are at the center of everything we do — And they deserve to have the spotlight!

In our “Meet Distillery” series, we introduce you to some of the talented experts who help us (and our partners) bring ideas to life.

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Maria, our iOS Enthusiast!

Maria, Senior iOS Developer and Team Lead at Distillery

Tell us a bit about your background and your role at Distillery.

I’m a Senior iOS Developer and team lead! I joined Distillery as an intern six years ago, successfully completed my internship, and became a Junior iOS Developer. I’ve worked with many types of applications, from fast-growing startup apps to large FinTech apps.

What are your biggest strengths that you bring to your role at Distillery?

My creativity, willingness to help clients to improve their products, and my perseverance when it comes to problem solving.

What attracted you to Distillery?

The company culture, people who are passionate about their profession and always try to better themselves (both personally and professionally), and our parties with board games and guitar songs.

What has been your favorite part about joining the Distillery team?

I think one of the most exciting things about Distillery is being on the iOS team where you can be yourself, always learn new things, and get support and help in difficult situations.

What’s the best environment for you to code in?

At night on my laptop while listening to the band Placebo.

What do you do to get “unstuck” on a really difficult problem?

If I reach the 10th page of Google search results 😊. I usually drink a cup of tea, eat good food, and chat with other people. A collective mindset can move mountains.

How many cups of coffee/tea do you drink in a normal day?

I only drink coffee for pleasure, not for productivity. I’ve never counted how many cups of tea I drink!

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Practicing sports and staying active (I’m currently doing Rebounder Trampoline workouts), watching movies, hanging out with friends, eating tasty food, and traveling (when it’s possible)!

Favorite book?

I really liked Empire Falls and Clean Architecture!

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Waking up early in the morning.

What languages can you speak?

I speak Russian and English!

Three words that describe you?

Brainstormer, code quality perfectionist, and cat lover.