Meet Distillery: Mikhail, Our Creative Einstein

Mikhail Nikipelov

At Distillery, our amazing employees are at the center of everything we do — And they deserve to have the spotlight!

In our “Meet Distillery” series, we introduce you to some of the talented experts who help us (and our partners) bring ideas to life.

Today, we’d like to introduce Mikhail, Distillery’s Art Director and Head of Design.

Mikhail, Art Director and Head of Design at Distillery

Tell us a bit about your background and your role at Distillery.

I’m the Art Director and Head of the Design Department at Distillery! I’ve been in the industry for more than 15 years and have a masters degree in design.

What are your biggest strengths that you bring to your role at Distillery?

My critical thinking mindset, insane attention to detail, and passion for design are my biggest strengths.

What attracted you to Distillery?

The people! Everyone is ready to provide you with the best service possible, and this feels and works like a family relationship — they are ready to help immediately with anything you need.

What are you learning right now?

How to develop games and shoot movies, artificial intelligence, and Chinese.

How many cups of coffee/tea do you drink throughout a normal work day?

Neither — I usually drink water!

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I love being a dad and writing music.

Describe yourself using only hashtags

#Perfectionism #Curiosity #Design #Music #Family

What’s your secret talent/superpower?

I had previously been a developer for a while!

Favorite emoji?


Favorite movie/TV show?

The Matrix.

Ideal vacation?

One with no internet connection!

What languages do you speak?

I speak English and Russian!