Android Developer

  • Santa Monica, United States
  • Full Time


WeezLabs, Inc. d/b/a Distillery seeks an Android Developer in Santa Monica, CA.

Distillery is a technology solutions company specializing in end-to-end custom software development and IT staffing for startups, SMBs and Enterprises.  We help our clients to imagine, design, engineer and deliver business-defining software and digital experiences whether they’re looking for a fully managed team or individual engineers.

As a fast-growing, award-winning, Inc. 5000 company with an international client base, our Sales team is the engine that drives the company’s growth by bringing our software services and world-class engineering expertise to new clients. We are a tight-knit, high-energy team that has a shared passion for helping our clients realize their business vision through technology.


Software Development

  • High-level architecture planning in cooperation with database-, backend-, web-frontend-, and mobile-frontend engineers, developments operations, QA, and product management teams; Includes solutions and tools research, possible architectures and integration solutions review; As the result, the Development Team gets documentation with an extensive list of possible ways of product implementation, suggested architecture overview, known drawbacks list, expected performance estimation and (if necessary) proof-of-concept piece of software
  • Guide the Software Development Team (including mobile developers, QA engineers and the Product Team); Includes work with the Mobile Development Team to improve and maintain the level of system knowledge across the team members and ensure company’s internal standards compliance, which starts with new team-members joining and providing them with the company’s standards documentation, and also includes regular standards updates and standards compliance manual and automated checks; Includes product-management teamwork to provide them with the actual information about current software possibilities and limitations as well with product-wise architecture vision; Includes quality assurance teamwork to maintain QA workflow and update it in a way to achieve the minimal delay between development, testing and regression-testing phases; As the result, the team gets existing architecture overview documentation, code-style standard, and automated code-style checking tools, version-control workflow, QA-workflow, automated software distribution, quality metrics calculation
  • Oversee mobile applications development; Includes regular code review, code-metrics tracking tools integration and monitoring, quality-metrics tracking tools integration and monitoring, code-base cleanup-up; As the result, the Team gets code-base free of obsolete, unused or duplicated parts, libraries and frameworks so that team can focus on the development of the features, also team gets real-time monitoring tools and instant notifications to ensure minimal customers impact in case of internal or external software failures
  • Mobile application development; Includes code writing, libraries, and frameworks integration, code refactoring, code review, support-tools development, POC-applications development, mobile market publishing; As the result, the Team gets the mobile application published online for public usage or mobile/desktop software published privately for internal usage
  • Industry monitoring for technologies and languages used in software development; Includes review of main periodic email lists and blogs, as well as leading software companies’ blog reviews on a daily basis. Also, includes POC software development for trending technologies; As a result, the Team gets early technology usage reports to embed the latest technologies with a lower level of risk and uncertainty

Project Management

  • Establish both short-term and long-term timeline/schedule for projects; Includes user stories discussions and formalization as well as user stories breaking down into the small tasks so each task can be estimated with a certain level of precision. Also, it includes tasks backlog maintenance; As a result, the Team gets the high-level size-estimated user stories (features) list for midterm release and budget planning. The Team also gets specific time-estimated tasks list for short-term release planning
  • Review and approve budgets for tools and equipment; Includes working with the upper management and/or the Finance Team to get the Development Team the necessary software and equipment on time, to not interrupt the development process. That also includes tools research with price comparison; As a result, the Finance Team gets a concise list of required software and hardware in advance
  • Report on project progress internally and externally; Includes internal reports on the Team’s performance for both management and the HR Team and team allocation and schedule change reports for clients; As the result, the Account Manager gets consolidated information about the Team’s performance and can plan changes/reallocations in advance, and the HR Team gets the additional information required for internal promotions and CEO gets project progress status
  • Human resources allocation and project staffing support; Includes current staffing requirements assessment and discussion for mobile development engineering positions, interviewing process maintenance, interview questions update and interviewing process itself; As the result, the Team gets interview guide for a specific role and extensive list of questions to assess different knowledge areas, the HR Team gets the expected list of required engineers with desired skillsets in advance


  • A Master’s degree in Computer Science or related field plus 4 years of experience
  • 4 years of experience with object-oriented programming
  • 4 years of experience with the following: Java programming; Android development
  • 4 years of experience with the following: Requirements analysis; Continuous delivery; Testing automation
  • 4 years of experience with the following: scalable application development (100000+ active users); Documentation writing 
  • 4 years of experience with the following: Quality assurance process; Test-driven development; Agile development; Server Software Development 
  • 3 years of experience with Team Management/Coordination 
  • 2 years of experience with the following: Algorithmic programming; 9 months of experience with Kotlin programming

Must also have authority to work permanently in the U.S. Applicants who are interested in this position may apply at (ref # 12266) for consideration.

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