staying by your side long after launch


While your product’s launch may feel like the end of a journey, in many ways, it’s just the beginning. How will you monitor and maintain your product? Have you planned for those costs? How will you avoid system errors or fails, fix bugs, and respond to technical issues? How will you communicate with your customers and provide them with technical assistance? How will you update your product – adding new features or expanding upon existing ones – to keep your customers engaged and your product feeling fresh? How will you tweak your marketing plan to address what you’re learning via your analytics? What happens when iOS or Android overhaul their system?

Ongoing maintenance and continuing improvement are key to ensuring your product’s long-term success. While continued development can take countless forms, planning for the right post-launch support should be a crucial component of your software development and design process.


At Distillery, we are proud of many things about our company and our team. Among the things we’re most proud of? Our reputation for staying by our customers’ sides through product launch and well beyond. We are known for our unwavering commitment to making sure we’re doing everything possible to help our customers succeed. We know that the post-launch phase is when much of the work really begins. You can count on us to be there for you as you navigate the path forward, providing the services and support that make sense for your business. As needed, we’ll also help connect you to other service providers from among our trusted network. Your success is our business.



You need a global perspective to thrive in today’s global marketplace. We're based in Los Angeles, but our reach and experience are global. While our primary market is the USA, we work with companies around the world and in every time zone, from Los Angeles to Miami, London to Dubai. Our international experience enables us to bring a more diverse, globalized point of view to your project.


You could be a solo entrepreneur looking for help with creating a Proof of Concept, a fully funded startup launching your first product, or an enterprise in need of assistance with a new line of business app. Your project could be an office productivity application, a casual game, or an internal business tool. You may be looking to add engineering bandwidth to your own development efforts, or you may require a fully outsourced software development effort. No matter your situation or dream, we've got the flexibility to scale our team and our approach to fit your unique needs.


You need a team that can work effectively within your existing technology framework. We're familiar with every major technical stack, from Swift and Objective-C on iOS, to Java on Android, to Node.js, Python, .NET, and PHP on the backend. We'll integrate smoothly with your team, adapt to your working style, and stay in touch with your preferred communication solution, whether that's Slack, Basecamp, JIRA, GitHub, or Asana.


We practice full Agile software development. More than just a buzzword, Agile ensures that we deliver the product you're expecting without surprises or delays. By building in small chunks and validating every step of the way, we ensure your experience is "plug and play,", not "pay and pray." And we can deliver new features or modifications in days or weeks, instead of months.


You not only want a product that works – you want a product that shines. At Distillery, we balance engineering with artistry. Our experienced designers work hand in hand with development to deliver stunning, production-ready assets on schedule and on budget.


Your success and satisfaction are the true measure of our success in serving you. We work with you to set expectations and hold ourselves accountable for meeting them. We monitor your satisfaction on several levels throughout the project, enabling ongoing improvement and timely issue identification and resolution.