Studying the principles of investment is one thing. Applying them successfully can take years of experience. An apprenticeship might bridge the gap. Even better would be plugging directly into the mind of an investment guru.

Netvest approached the Distillery team with a remarkable opportunity to develop a pioneering application for both iOS and Android. The goal was to create an over-the-shoulder perspective on the investment strategies of some of the most successful personal investors across the country. All in real-time. The team quickly identified the primary challenge: simplify a vast array of complex data into scannable information accessible to any level of investor, including non-professionals. Profiles would allow complete access to the portfolios of the investors, enabling users to gain trust in the service and confidence in their investment choices.


Working in concert with Netvest, our Product Team delivered a stunning application. Melding a pitch-perfect UI with a fluid UX, Netvest streamlines investment strategy and data into insight and information investors at any level can immediately apply to their own portfolios.

The UI acts as a running feed that allows users to follow seasoned investors trading in real time. The key innovation was condensing investor strategies into “Motivation” icons that are instantly scannable on the feed. Complemented by access to investor portfolios and posts, including all trades, watchlist changes, and market updates, users can develop the tools and intuition to make the right investment decisions at the right times. To run the application, dual admin functionality allows both investors to post and show their trades and Netvest’s small staff to manage all aspects of the application.


Fully designed and developed native applications for iOS and Android

A clear, bold UI accessible to all levels of investors

Innovated “Motivation” icons that condense complex investment strategies into instantly scannable data

Dual Admin functionality for investors and Netvest staff

Expanded and exceeded all client expectations