Leading Latin American Retail Logistics Company

The business is a platform that seeks to strengthen the country’s corner stores through face-to-face and digital supply solutions. Helping them to be more competitive and become the favorite point of sale for Mexicans.

Client Testimonial

“Distillery came in just at the time when we needed to expand our business and complete one of the most important products we have in relation to our logistics. The company has helped us not only in the development, but also in the search for talent, organization and to strengthen the union of our teams.”

+205,000 customers nationwide

800 direct employees

1,500 indirect collaborators

330 delivery routes

11 offices nationwide

9 distribution centers


In partnership with their Distillery team, our client was looking to build a crucial application for the logistics area of the company that could be used for delivery personnel to understand what products to load in the trucks, which stores to visit in what order, and much more. The goal was to create an application that could not only support this work for delivery efficiencies, but also to begin capturing information to create reporting that would serve to feed future business decisions.

Value Delivered

Distillery came in to provide staff augmentation services, not only supporting in the construction of the new product, but also by helping in all the engineering processes pertinent to the software development. The Distillery team supported the new delivery project and others concurrently.


What’s happening now?

Current development includes QA engineering and UI testing of Sixgill’s application and API. QA automation work includes writing automated tests against the API, as well as building test plans and end-to-end testings to validate deployments.At Sixgill’s request, we provided a QA engineer who is proficient in Jenkins, a key component of Sixgill’s CI/CD strategy. The UI testing stack includes Rainforest, Selenium, Cypress, Python, and Java.