Recent studies estimate the average person spends over five hours a day on their smart phone. For many of us, a significant portion of that time is spent on social media. The Soapbox team envisioned a revolutionary social networking platform where users could post and sell items directly on their feed. The key challenge for our Product Team was to develop a seamless functionality that would enable users to easily monetize their social media presence.
Working together with the Soapbox team, our Product Team helped zero in on the target demographic to develop a clear brand identity and design an iOS app that will revolutionize the social media experience. What gives Soapbox its distinctive voice is the pioneering innovation of a new technology that enables users to conveniently and painlessly post and sell items on their social feed. The unique capabilities of this platform empower users with large followings to become key influencers, while scalability allows all users to build their own brand within the Soapbox platform.

Developed brand identity for a new form of social networking

Pioneered innovative functionality that enables users to easily generate income directly from their social media feed

Scalability for individual user branding

iOS mobile application available in the App store