We’ve been very impressed with the Distillery team and have had the fortune to build close personal relationships with them. You are a bright, strong, hard-working, and dedicated bunch.

Eric Lee

director of engineering, syncplicity

Synplicity Macbook


  • Important foundational elements that have helped Syncplicity build and enrich its business

  • Geographic/cultural expansion enabled by EU datacenter and multi-language capabilities

  • Improved UX and expanded capabilities for both customers and Syncplicity professionals

  • Ongoing product innovation to gain/maintain competitive advantage

  • Seamless collaboration from a ready pool of resources who understand Syncplicity’s business, enabling sustainable growth and ongoing improvement as Syncplicity’s growth story continues

  • Long-term relationships with several Distillery engineers, helping to streamline communication and enhance speed to execution

The Client

Syncplicity, based in California, is a leading provider of file sharing and secure collaboration solutions to more than 25,000 business and individuals. The company was acquired by Axway, a global data integration solutions provider, in February 2017.

The Challenge

When we first connected with Syncplicity back in 2010, Syncplicity was a small, fast-growing startup in Menlo Park trying to outpace the competition and plan for sustainable growth. They first sought our help in creating various business support tools, including an internal customer support web console and a new customer-facing business console (a first step toward B2B). Our relationship since then has expanded to include a range of large and small software development projects designed to support and accelerate the company’s continued growth.

Syncplicity iPad


  • 01. To remain successful, Syncplicity must execute quickly, innovate continually, and stay on the leading edge of understanding what its customers want. To enhance the company’s ability to move fast, remain agile, and deliver what the marketplace seeks, they call upon Distillery’s trusted engineers, developers, and knowledge base as needed. Whatever the question or need, they know they can count on us to help.
  • 02. Our success working with Syncplicity is a direct result of the strong, long-term relationships that we have built within the company. We are invested in their success; we show that investment daily, through our collaborative approach, attention to detail, and ongoing commitment to helping them make their business better.
  • 03. For example, the first Distillery team engineer to work with them helped Syncplicity create a support tool portal that is still used today by their support team. The second engineer we aligned helped them create the first page for their business portal, “Add new business user” – thus becoming the page upon which Syncplicity’s enterprise and business history has been built ever since.
  • 04. Approximately seven years later, that engineer still works on the Syncplicity project. Our third engineer to work with them participated in their Client Syncplicity (desktop and mobile apps) team, and also continues to work on Windows and Mac projects for the company to this day. Over the years, countless other developers and engineers from the Distillery team have also played roles in supporting Syncplicity.
Syncplicity iPhone


iOS Native, Android Native, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire, ASP.NET, DevOps


Through focus, perseverance and innovation, Syncplicity has quickly become a leader in its industry. In 2014 and 2015, it was named a “Leader” in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing. In 2015, it effectively doubled its user base. In 2016, it was recognized by Forrester Wave™ as a “Leader” in Enterprise File Sync And Share Platforms, Hybrid Solutions.

In support of their success, we’ve collaborated with Syncplicity on countless projects over the years. For example, Syncplicity and Distillery professionals have worked together to achieve all of the following results:

  • Making it possible

    to calculate data size quotas almost instantly, enabling a better, more accurate, and more timely system for charging customers

  • Together with the Syncplicity

    Web Team and a team of translators, making it possible for Syncplicity to converse with its customers in the customers’ own languages

  • Creating a second datacenter

    in the EU to provide seamless UX for sharing/syncing content across regions

  • Allowing users

    to access their data – regardless of data size – via any mobile, desktop or laptop device, downloading from the cloud on demand without having to worry about device storage limitations (to learn more, please visit Syncplicity’s blog announcing their new SyncDrive feature)

  • Enabling users

    to share content more freely

We’ve continued to serve as a strategic partner for Syncplicity as their growth trajectory has continued through a series of acquisitions. While it’s common practice for acquiring companies to “clean house” post-acquisition, frequently dismissing third-party vendors, it’s noteworthy that each time, Distillery’s services were retained.

  • EMC Corporation

    After Syncplicity was acquired by EMC in 2012, we participated in several projects requested by EMC that were inspired by EMC’s orientation on the E2E market. A representative project included migrating to a new EMC billing system that introduced new types of subscriptions.

  • SkyView Capital

    When Syncplicity was acquired by LA-based private equity investors SkyView Capital in 2015, we assisted with a massive EU project focused on database performance and stability. This was a herculean effort in terms of organization, with the project ultimately adopting a slogan of “No downtime, at all.”

  • Axway

    Following Axway’s acquisition of Syncplicity in February 2017, we’ve been engaged on a massive project that will open up exciting new possibilities for Syncplicity.