Tapture brought in the Distillery Product Team to help research, design, and build a new entry in the growing field of location-based mobile gaming. The initial vision imagined a geolocation game requiring game players to capture different areas or territories indicated on a map screen. Successful gameplay would hinge on a seamless melding of the digital and real worlds with a playful and highly responsive UX that rewarded gamers for frequent interactions and check-ins. A team structure would further reinforce Tapture’s appeal to young social gamers, helping to integrate the game into their daily lives.
Once a brand identity was secured, an engaging and fun new mobile game that seamlessly blends digital and real-world play was developed within budget and on schedule. Gameplay in Tapture requires players to visit real-world locations and check in to capture territories via a real-world map overlaid with shapes and outlines that denote the territories to be captured. All players are split into two teams which the user chooses during the onboarding process. The teams accumulate points with each successful capture. With these points, players gain experience and currency. Experience is used to increase rank, and currency is used to purchase in-game bonuses. As a result, all elements of the game design work together to deepen user retention and continually expand the player base. From the gamer’s perspective, a new level of game-life and real-life integration is experienced.

Research, design, and execution of a sparkling new entry in the growing field of location-based mobile gaming

Expanded and exceeded all client expectations

Gameplay seamlessly melds the digital and real world by rewarding players for frequent interactions and check-ins

Delivered application on time and within budget

Game design elements work together to create a new level of game-life and real-life integration

iOS mobile application