Glydr Asked Distillery to Flesh Out and Develop an App That Matched Students to Jobs

Inspired by the success of WhatsApp, this client originally came to us with a partly formed idea for a messaging mobile app. The Distillery team worked with him to build out a concept, and Glydr – an on-demand job and internship iOS app for college and university students – was born.

The client charged Distillery with showing him the right way forward: “If JOB TODAY can achieve that much success, why can’t I? It’s up to the development team to help me achieve that.”

From Revising Scope to Reimagining UX, Distillery Focused on What Glydr Users Value

In collaboration with the client, Distillery created a revised scope and schedule to fit the newly developed concept. We communicated continually to navigate changing requirements and manage the scope against the deadline. As a nontechnical, first-time mobile app developer, our client relied greatly on Distillery’s UX, product, marketing and technical knowledge.

In addition to suggesting the audience-expanding inclusion of internships, the Distillery team helped our client stay focused on future marketing needs and features that users would truly value. We developed a straightforward UI and on-the-go functionality that would appeal to a diverse user base of both students and employers.

We also created an easy-to-use admin panel that allowed Glydr staff to conveniently manage content and deal with user reports.

The technologies used throughout this project included ASP.NET Web API, ASP.NET MVC, Angular 2+, RxCocoa, RxSwift, RxDataSources, Moya, SwiftR, ObjectMapper, Realm Swift and RxRealm.

Style Guide

The purple and yellow color palette feels collegiate, echoing the bright colors of school pennants. Icons are simple but original. The eye-catching logo reflects Glydr’s goal of helping students find an ascending path to a rewarding career.









The Distillery-Glydr Partnership Yielded a Buzz-Worthy App That Keeps Getting Better

Ultimately, Distillery was able to help our client build the app of his dreams. All client expectations were met from day one.

The client extended Distillery’s contract to include landing page development and mobile app technical support. As Glydr prepared for launch, buzz began to build: the iOS app was even featured in the Huffington Post.

As more user feedback rolls in, Distillery will assist Glydr in making updates and releasing new features.