A Secure, Compliant, Real-time Messaging Solution for Healthcare

iOS & Android

Secure Messaging System MedX Looked to Improve Its Healthcare Technology

MedX is an iPhone- and Android-based secure messaging system (SMS) for AHPRA registered, Australian medical doctors. The app offers free doctor-to-doctor messaging, legal compliance, a searchable directory and end-to-end encryption. MedX improves quality of care for patients by allowing doctors to quickly chat with each other, share test results and communicate urgent medical information. When MedX approached Distillery in 2018, the platform had some bugs that couldn’t be remedied. The MedX team began searching for a new developer to rebuild the current version and implement a list of new features. They quickly settled on Distillery, a certified partner of PubNub, which provides the messaging infrastructure MedX utilizes.

Using PubNub Technology, Distillery Helped MedX Rebuild a Buggy Platform and Add New Features

Distillery quickly assembled an expert team of engineers and designers to help build a smoother, improved version of MedX. The group included:

  • Back-End engineers
  • iOS engineers
  • Android engineers
  • QA engineers
  • User interface (UI) designers

With the help of PubNub technology, we produced a more functional version of the application for our client. Unlike many other instant messaging integrations, PubNub offers powerful technology that’s easy to set up. PubNub provides MedX with the real-time technology that makes MedX a reliable, modern solution for busy practitioners.

The Distillery team took several vital steps to secure the messaging system, including two-factor authentication, end-to-end encryption and secure photo messages.

We also engineered several new features that the doctors using the previous version of MedX had requested. These new features included:

  • Saving unsent messages for later
  • Brand new design
  • A photo-sharing module

We are also putting the touches on a function that will allow clinicians to share PDF files.