Customizable Financing App For Mortgage Broker Clients


FinTech Startup Needed A Customizable Financing App For Its Mortgage Broker Clients

StreamLoan, a startup based in San Francisco, helps mortgage brokerages simplify the process of securing loans for their customers through the use of the company’s FinTech apps. StreamLoan’s vision is to save time and save trees, both of which are famously wasted during financing and refinancing.

Founded in 2015, StreamLoan was created by two former real estate investors who were tired of having a lackluster customer experience every time they needed a loan. They couldn’t believe how clunky and outdated the process was, and they set out to modernize it with StreamLoan.

StreamLoan’s big idea: to create a new, white label app for these lenders with lots of room for customization. To build this digital solution, StreamLoan turned to Distillery for engineering expertise and assistance.

Distillery Worked With StreamLoan To Develop A Top-Notch App

For the past three years, Distillery’s friendly and highly-qualified engineers have been providing cosource services to StreamLoan. That means we’ve provided development resources, but StreamLoan has managed our team.

Our offshore development team phones in to daily planning calls with StreamLoan, and has always been readily available for casual chats and retrospective meetings. While our team is managed by StreamLoan, Distillery engineers are always quite self-sufficient, working responsibly even with little to no oversight.

The development team has worked on engineering the whitelabel app for both iOS and Android. The team has also worked on the app’s backend and infrastructure creation, offered quality assurance and assisted the client with frontend support. The most challenging aspect of this project was integrating the app with United States-specific loan origination systems.

Our team for this project included an iOS lead developer, an Android developer, two backend developers, two frontend developers and two QA engineers. We also had a DevOps engineer who helped tie every aspect of development together for smoother, speedier and more secure results.

Together, We Released A Whitelabel App That Solved A Problem

The app, which was released three years ago, immediately helped StreamLoan’s clients and those clients’ customers secure mortgages seamlessly. StreamLoan was tremendously pleased with the final product.

The app allows home buyers, real estate agents and lenders to collaborate on a mobile, frictionless and safe platform. The app uses bank-level encryption and multi-factor authentication, allowing users to feel confident about entering private information.