Turbocharge Your Software Delivery! Dan Ptak kicks off Turbocharge Tomorrow with Paul Michael Clarke (Fabrik Labs) to tackle remote team management & the power of psychological safety. Don’t miss this premiere episode!

Episode #1: Leading From Afar

In the debut episode of Turbocharge Tomorrow, our host Dan Ptak and guest Paul Michael Clarke, Founder & Managing Partner of Fabrik Labs, dive into an array of topics impacting today’s software delivery leaders, including remote management of distributed teams and the benefits of psychological safety in the workplace. 


Dan and Paul’s discussion also covers the overall role that organizational psychology plays in fostering productivity in companies, the importance of building a strong culture, and a caution against consensus-driven decision-making.

As we explore the software delivery universe through this series, Distillery is dedicated to providing insights into where our industry is going and the emerging trends and innovative solutions poised to help us get there.

Whether you’re an industry vet or a curious listener, join us as we navigate the ins and outs of software delivery and provide an insider’s view of both our present and our future. 

“The approach that’s best for globally distributed organizations to bring new products to market is building out empowered product teams.” 

– Paul Michael Clarke

To more effectively lead remote-first organizations and successfully bring new products to market, Paul encourages leaders to empower their product teams. Listen to hear why doing away with directives and hand-holding and entrusting your team to make the right decisions can benefit your company.

“Organizational psychology is so critical to understanding how we can build high-performing organizations.”

– Paul Michael Clarke

For both distributed and centralized organizations, Paul stresses the importance of understanding organizational psychology to help maximize workplace productivity, employee retention, and job satisfaction. Listen to learn how psychological safety, in particular, can help drive progress by enabling employees to feel secure in taking risks and pushing their ideas forward. 

“Ensure that you’re hiring individuals that fit your philosophy and are not command and control leaders ” 

– Paul Michael Clarke

For a company to develop a strong sense of psychological safety, Paul says it first needs a strong company culture – and that begins with hiring. Hear why it’s so important for organizations to ensure that new hires fit with corporate philosophy and values.

“If you value transparency ar rapid experimentation and people understand that value and what it means, they can embrace that in the face of growing complexity.” 

– Dan Ptak

Transparency is deeply important for organizational leaders, as Dan and Paul discuss how a company’s leadership team needs to not just express the organization’s values but also show that they live by them too. Hear how this dynamic impacts employee behavior and helps them feel psychologically secure enough to navigate complexity.