Changing The
Diversity, Equity
and Inclusion


At Distillery Tech our employees are our #1 priority

We pride ourselves on creating a culture that breeds innovation and an environment where everyone feels welcome and heard. Our team members live in 7 different countries, range in age from 18 to 54, and speak 7 different languages.

On 2023 we were certified as a Most Loved Workplace.

“I deeply believe that inclusion and diversity make the strongest, sustainable companies. We at Distillery Tech strive to keep building an inclusive work environment on all levels and believe that it is the key for our growth.”

Andrey Kudievskiy, CEO and Founder

Leadership that looks like you

To instill diversity and inclusion throughout our organization, we have to walk the walk, starting at the top. Today, Distillery Tech’s leadership is made up of 59% female managers, VPs, and C-level executives. A recent study highlights that companies that practice gender diversity in executive teams are more profitable.

“I can confidently say that Distillery’s dedication to inclusion and diversity has transformed it from a company into a beacon of acceptance and progress, setting an inspiring example for all.”

Gabino Rutiaga

Developer from the LGBT+ community

Gabino Rutiaga – Developer from the LGBT+ community

Distillery procures its people

We care about wellness, and we firmly believe that health should be viewed from a holistic approach.

Meetings to discuss safety

Action plans to improve physical well-being

Activities that foster fellowship

Awareness meetings

Forum to give voice to those who want to share knowledge

By embracing remote work arrangements, our organization fosters an environment that prioritizes employee well-being and work-life balance.

“I love my career, and I love my family. I believe that many women face the same challenge. It has always been clear to me that my workplace is where I want to be, and I appreciate that Distillery supports me in balancing both worlds. It allows me to be present for both small and significant moments in my children’s lives. I’m grateful for the opportunity to make it work.”

– Paola Cervera


Crafting a Greener Tomorrow

At Distillery, we believe in more than just crafting exceptional experiences – we’re committed to crafting a sustainable future. Every innovation and initiative is a brushstroke in our canvas of environmental stewardship. We NEVER SETTLE when it comes to taking care of the planet.

Because reducing our carbon footprint is essential to ensure a better future…

Internal meet-ups and events

Since its foundation, Distillery has sought to digitize its processes and operations by using the cloud.

Diversity and inclusion surveys

We conduct regular diversity and inclusion surveys to better understand how our employees are feeling about their workplace environment.

Extended help

Donate and support organizations committed to educating underrepresented groups, specifically in our
Tech vertical.

We care about building a better tomorrow, and we are in a continuous never-ending process to be a not only blue but truly greener company that inspires others.


Value Beyond Numbers

Sharing knowledge

Distillery Tech Nights are recurring events in Mexico and Argentina focused on different programming languages. These sessions offer attendees insights into software development trends, technical talks, and networking opportunities, fostering a community of knowledge-sharing professionals.

Donation campaigns

Distillery is dedicated to corporate social responsibility through donation campaigns for impactful causes, focusing on education, society, and environmental issues. We strive to make a lasting and positive impact on the community, fostering ethical and sustainable values. Guided by the principles of ‘Never Settle,’ we are committed to continuous improvement, ensuring our contributions align seamlessly with our business mission.

Participation in industry events

Our U.S. team actively engages in diverse conferences, fostering networking, idea exchange, and staying informed on the latest industry developments. In addition to attending conferences, Distillery hosts exclusive events for tech leaders, providing a unique platform for reconnecting, exchanging insights, and discussing emerging trends. Through our active participation in conferences and curated events, Distillery remains dedicated to promoting diversity, facilitating knowledge exchange, and driving positive change in the tech community.

Learn more about the open opportunities and come join us!