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Unlock the Future with Hyper Automation

Don’t miss an eye-opening episode of Turbocharge Tomorrow! Marshall Sied, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Ashling Partners, will reveal how top companies are leveraging automation technologies and generative AI to revolutionize their operations. Discover the impact of multimodal automation and AI on efficiency, real-world AI applications, insights on process discovery, and how new platforms can reduce technology costs. Tune in for invaluable insights and stay ahead of the curve!


Navigating the Tech Terrain

Don’t miss out on the next episode of Turbocharge Tomorrow, where host Dan Ptak sits down with Grant Ecker, the innovative founder of the Chief Architect Forum. They’ll delve into the intricacies of cloud migration, tackle the crucial build versus buy question, explore the advantages of microservices, and examine how leadership influences technological evolution. Tune in to catch their valuable perspectives on the strategies that are shaping the future of technology and leadership.


Leading From Afar

In the debut episode of Turbocharge Tomorrow, our host Dan Ptak and guest Paul Michael Clarke, Founder & Managing Partner of Fabrik Labs, dive into an array of topics impacting today’s software delivery leaders, including remote management of distributed teams and the benefits of psychological safety in the workplace.