Data Engineering and Analytics

Leverage data to watch your business soar

Businesses use big data to help them get to the next level. Distillery’s data experts can help you leverage this data to glean valuable insights and make better decisions to help you achieve your goals.

Our Data Division

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Distillery offers design, build, and maintenance services for large-scale data systems and pipelines. Our experienced data scientists utilize machine learning, AI services and advanced analytics, and our data analysts deliver data visualizations and reporting that provide valuable insights.

Our expertise

Data Analyst

  • Extracts, manipulates and interprets complex data
  • Creates reports, dashboards and visualizations to communicate insights
  • Identifies patterns and trends in data
  • Supports decision-making by providing data-driven insights
Data Engineer
  • Design, builds, and maintains large-scale data systems
  • Creates data pipelines to collect, clean and process data
  • Ensures data quality, security and scalability
  • Works with data scientists and analysts to support their data needs

Data Scientist

  • Develops advanced analytics, machine learning and AI models
  • Analyzes and interprets large data sets
  • Communicates insights and recommendations to stakeholders
  • Works with data engineers to build and maintain data infrastructure

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