Quality Assurance

Distillery never stops short of perfection… and that’s reflected in every process.

Distillery’s Quality Assurance culture

Our culture of Quality Assurance permeates through every step of the development cycle, including:

  • Innovation
  • Strategy
  • Proactive planning
  • Early testing
  • Risk management

What is Quality Assurance?

Quality Assurance (QA) is a common term defined as the process that ensures the quality of products and services throughout the lifecycle of development, launch, and usage. QA is an ongoing process involving activities such as planning, design, testing, and continuous improvement.

Well-defined and structured QA helps organizations improve the quality of their products and services, while also reducing the risk of defects and failures, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction in the process.

At Distillery, we take QA to the next level, testing all of our software products at every stage of development to identify and resolve any defects before the software is released to market. We adhere to the highest quality standards, as OK is simply not good enough for us.

Why is Quality Assurance important?

So much of the success (or failure) of software development revolves around its reliability, usability, workability, and security. If even one of these items is off when it goes to market, it can sink the project.

By making Quality Assurance an integral part of the software development process, Distillery helps our partner organizations improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their software development efforts. In this way, all of our software development projects meet the needs of our clients’ customers.

Distillery’s QA PoV

Automated Testing

Automated Testing increases efficiency and mitigates cost risks, and is an ideal solution for long-term clients. Distillery has deep expertise developing automation frameworks, including continuous testing and integration. Automated testing is a software testing method in which test cases are executed automatically without manual intervention. The tests are written in code and use test frameworks and tools to automate the testing process. Automated testing is performed using scripts that can be run repeatedly, ensuring that the software remains stable and free of defects, even as new features are added. Some benefits of automated testing include increased efficiency and reliability, reduced costs, and faster feedback on the quality of the software. The process provides a powerful solution to help you save time and money while maintaining the stability and high quality of your software. By automating your test cases, you can ensure the software remains stable, even as new features are added. Our team understands the benefits of automation and how it can improve the efficiency and reliability of your testing process. With faster feedback on issues and increased efficiency, you can focus on what really matters: delivering high-quality software to your customers. 

When it comes to developing automation frameworks that fit your specific needs, our team has you covered! With extensive experience using a variety of different technologies, we can develop customized automation frameworks that are tailored to your unique requirements. Whether you need to test complex software systems or streamline your testing process, our team can develop the right solution for you. 

Agile Testing

Our Agile testing approach aligns with the principles of Agile software development, where testing is integrated into the development process, allowing for early identification and resolution of any deviation. This ensures your product meets the requirements and is of the highest quality.

Agile testing involves close collaboration between the development and testing teams. This helps to provide quick feedback on the quality of your software, and ensures that it will fulfill the needs of the users. Automated testing is also an important part of our Agile testing approach, supporting the fast pace of Agile development.

By embracing our Agile testing services, you can enjoy a speedier software development process, higher quality software, and a competitive edge in your industry. 

Mobile Testing

We understand mobile applications are crucial nowadays, and ensuring their quality is of utmost importance. 

That’s why Distillery offers mobile testing services, specifically designed to cover various aspects of a mobile application, including compatibility with different versions of operating systems, screen sizes, resolutions, and hardware configurations. We conduct both functional and non-functional testing, which includes performance, security, and usability testing. Our team of experts can perform mobile testing manually or using automated testing tools, depending on your specific needs. 

With the increasing complexity of mobile applications and the growing popularity of mobile devices, mobile testing has become an essential part of the software development lifecycle.

API Testing

API Testing is a crucial aspect of software development that helps ensure that your software is of high quality, performs well, and is secure. An API (Application Programming Interface) allows different software applications to communicate with each other, exchange data, and perform specific tasks.

This process can be conducted manually, but it can also be automated using specialized tools.

The benefits of API testing are numerous. Conducting comprehensive API testing can help enhance the overall quality of your software. API testing can help you identify security vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your system. Automated API testing can speed up the testing process and reduce the time-to-market, saving you both time and money. In addition, API testing ensures that different software applications can communicate with each other seamlessly, making integration between systems much easier. Finally, when your API works as expected, your end-users will have a better experience using your software.

We have a team of experienced QA professionals who will work closely with you to ensure that your API is thoroughly tested and meets all of your requirements. If you’re interested in learning more about our API testing services, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’re always here to help!

Managed Testing Service
Build a high-quality, cost-effective testing process while retaining total control over your project. End-to-end QA services with dedicated project management and Agile processes provide high levels of visibility into your project.

  • Build and manage a QA team
  • Leverage a dedicated delivery team with QA support
  • Access top-tier technical talent
  • Retain control over your project
QA Consulting
Improve the quality and predictability of your software with consulting services from our QA automation leads. Our expert consultants share their experience, supporting your team with best practices.

  • Build a transparent and predictable QA strategy
  • Solutions tailored to your specific project
  • Identification, configuration, and implementation of tools
  • Training of client’s QA team

Our Specialists

QA Engineer

A Quality Assurance (QA) engineer is essential in delivering high-quality software products and services. Their role goes beyond just verifying that software products and services meet the necessary standards and specifications, they also help to maintain the quality of related processes in the Software Development Life Cycle, thereby reducing the risk and minimizing re-work.

Our QA Engineers are highly skilled specialists who possess a unique QA culture. They develop a deep understanding of your product, which makes them valuable contributors to your success, prioritizing your project’s roadmap at all times. Their responsibilities include developing and executing both manual and automated test cases, identifying and reporting defects, collaborating with the development team to ensure timely resolution of any issues and helping to identify and improve any inefficient processes.

QA Automation Engineer

The ultimate goal of a QA Automation Engineer is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of software testing by automating repetitive and time-consuming testing activities. This role is responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining automated test scripts, frameworks, and tools.

Our QA Automation Engineers work closely with our clients to understand their product’s business and priorities. With them, you can trust that your software testing activities will be streamlined, efficient, and effective, leading to a high-quality software product.


A Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) is a highly skilled software engineer who specializes in software testing and quality assurance. This role is responsible for designing the overall architecture of the test automation framework, including the selection of appropriate testing tools, frameworks, and libraries, developing custom utilities, and maintaining the framework documentation, as well as designing, developing, and executing automated tests and debugging and troubleshooting software issues. SDETs are responsible for integrating the test automation framework into the CI/CD pipeline to enable continuous testing and delivery.

Our SDETs have a strong understanding of software development principles and practices. This knowledge is essential to make certain that the software products and services satisfy the prescribed requirements and achieve excellence.

Distillery QA Engineers will provide you with the expertise and knowledge necessary to deliver a high-quality product that meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations.