Distillery’s 2018 Year in Review


The end of the year is often a time for celebrations. For Distillery, the end of 2018 is absolutely worth celebrating: It marks 10 years since we’ve been in business!

Indeed, from our beginnings as Rus Wizards in 2008, December 2018 marks a full decade that we’ve been committed to serving our clients. Over that time, we’ve accomplished a ton and learned even more.

Each year, we use year-end as an opportunity to reflect on how far we’ve come. Some of our proudest moments and biggest milestones in 2018 include:

What will 2019 bring? For that matter, what will the next decade bring? While only time will tell, we’re feeling great about our track record, excited about our team, and inspired to see what else we can achieve.

Do you need help achieving your own business goals in 2019? Let us know! Distillery can help you drive innovation, expedite project progress, reduce business costs, and source top talent.

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