Many enterprises today sometimes need to rush their software development, which makes it easy to overlook quality assurance and get their product to market or release it for their employees. But if you don’t spend some time ensuring that your software works as intended, it can create a world of issues. The intent of this blog is to help you better understand software quality assurance’s benefits.

SQA and Its Importance

Software Quality Assurance (SQA) activities ensure processes, procedures, and standards are designed for the software product and implemented correctly. SQA works in parallel with the development of software.

SQA takes a comprehensive quality control approach, meaning it takes place before, during, and after the software development life cycle. Be aware of the difference between Software Testing and SQA. The former focuses on the functionality of the software and if there are any bugs in it. Quality assurance is a broader management approach for ensuring the successful implementation of the company’s quality objectives, including software testing.

SQA helps organizations ensure that their application is efficient, secure, and trustworthy. Externally it means customer satisfaction as well. Your software application has to fulfill all the needs to satisfy the customers. It has to work smoothly without any malfunctions.

SQA covers all software engineering processes, methods, and products to ensure compliance with defined standards. The practice may include complying with standards or models such as ISO 25010 or CMMI.

Risks of Missing QA and Key Benefits of Software Quality Assurance

Insufficient SQA or its absence increases the chance of developer complications, stakeholder disapproval, and bad consumer experiences. Some of the most common risks of software release without QA include excessive expense, delayed product launches, dissatisfied users, and reduced brand reputation. The dangers of software deployment without QA far outweigh any benefits of a quick – yet faulty – software launch.

Thus the benefits of SQA are obvious. It saves money and time because errors are costly and take longer to fix. It prevents breakdowns and similar failures, boosting consumer confidence. It also increases your market share and product safety.

Why Outsource Software Quality Assurance?

Simply speaking, outsourcing software quality assurance is a better choice for enterprises today. Hiring external teams to handle SQA frees your existing development team to focus on delivering your software on time. In addition, by outsourcing your SQA, you can ensure your software is up to par with all development standards and functional requirements. This also allows you to perform quality assurance checks across the development process, saving time and ensuring timely software delivery.

SQA requires high skills to execute the complex task of ensuring software has excellent usability, functionality, and security. In addition, SQA testers and engineers need to be up to date on the latest technologies and best practices. Hence, instead of recruiting, hiring, and managing the SQA talents by yourself, you can rely on third-party professional firms like Distillery to handle the work more effectively and efficiently.

Problems that Distillery Tech Solves

Our quality assurance approach is defined by strategic and proactive planning, early testing, and risk management throughout the development cycle. We conduct complex testing for your software product and system per the client’s request. We own advanced and agile expertise to ensure predictable results. Our work meets high-quality standards throughout the software development life cycle (SDLC) process.

Our QA automation leads can also offer consulting services to improve the quality and predictability of your software. By sharing their rich experiences, our expert consultants support your team with the best practices and benefits of software quality assurance.

When companies need to scale their engineering capacity and there’s no way to fulfill these positions with the local market, we provide experienced resources faster than trying to recruit internally. Our nearshore development centers are in Latin America, so the resources we provide allow companies to reduce costs WITHOUT compromising the quality of work.

The quality of our engineering talent is what sets us apart. Our clients consistently say the level of engineering expertise is higher than any other outsourcing company they have worked with. We’re seen as a partner rather than a vendor because we are embedded in our clients’ teams. We also are very high touch when it comes to our clients.

Contact us today for your SQA needs, and we will offer the best solutions that you are looking for.