An apparent trend acceleration during the COVID-19 pandemic is the work-from-home movement and its corporate viability. With consistent productivity and optimal operations, it highlights the efficacy of remote teams. The significance has been to the point where Big Tech is now making plans to invest in the remote software workforce over the long term.


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However, with remote professionals on the rise, the engineering shortage in the United States has become more evident, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for fast-growing startups and established entities alike to scale their workforce in house to remain competitive.

Fortunately, you can hire educated professionals through an outsourced software design and development company. With the benefits of outsourcing, you can easily augment your specific delivery teams, support your permanent staff and develop custom software solutions for your organization.

Why should you outsource your software development?

While onboarding internal employees seems like the simplest solution for software firms, outsourcing comes with many significant benefits that can improve your delivery process.

It is important to understand their advantages in greater detail to see how remote teams can help you fulfill your goals:

Reduce onboarding time

When you reach out to a software development firm specializing in remote operations, you can significantly reduce your onboarding time. Instead of going through an extensive recruitment process with outside professionals, you can find people with the right expertise and experience within weeks instead of months.

Outsourced engineers are already familiar with the existing communication platforms and popular technology solutions the industry utilizes for a remote workforce. As a result, they require less training and adjustment time than normal in-house engineers would as they transition to the remote environment.

Why does this matter? Why should you decrease your onboarding time? The answer is simple. Spending time on onboarding can create bottlenecks and disrupt workflows and speed to market. By outsourcing, you reduce friction, increase organizational productivity and enable your team to better focus on solving problems.

Find competent professionals

Ideally, you want a team that is available at short notice that comes with the same skill level you expect from a highly successful hiring process. Outsourcing to a reliable software firm not only helps you cut through the recruitment processes, but it also ensures you do so without compromising the quality of your team. This aspect goes a long way in making sure that you have capable and efficient employees.

Additionally, competent professionals help you to save time and money over the long term. The fact is that competency in the workplace encourages leadership and innovation, both of which foster opportunities for organizational development. As a result, your outsourced team enables you to seek out better ways of working, which ultimately allows you to cut unnecessary resources and procedures.

Cut back on physical interactions

In the post-COVID-19 world, it has become incredibly important for everyone to maintain physical distance as much as possible. Even as you resume your critical operations, minimizing employee contact remains a necessity that you cannot ignore – at least until the release of a vaccine.

Thankfully, advancements in technology, such as collaboration software and intranets, enable you to facilitate team interaction and communication easily. This renders the location of the engineer insignificant.

With consistent communication and extensive discussions over the web, you have dependable staff that can maintain an optimal level of professional cohesion without putting anyone’s health on the line. In the current times, this has become one of the most significant benefits of outsourcing software development.

Optimize costs per project

When you hire internal workers to meet your staffing requirements, the charges often add up and lead to organizational financial constraints. Think about it: When you hire a new employee, you have recruitment and onboarding costs, not to mention the cost of their benefits plan or the additional resources you’ll need to procure for them.

It seems as if you have two options: Lower your staff’s expectations and affect the quality of your services, or hire top talent and incur a toll on your bank account.

Fortunately, there’s a happy medium. The beauty of outsourcing is that it is flexible. You may not want or need a full-time employee. With outsourcing, you have a team available per project, part-time or full-time, allowing you to find the solution that best meets your needs in that moment. Better yet, outsourcing is often scaleable, meaning that you can scale up or scale down your outsourcing capacity as your needs change.

How does the process work?

At Distillery, we offer multiple methods to augment your staff and support your ongoing needs. This flexibility ensures that you receive a dedicated partner to help you solve your problems and get the most out of remote software solutions.

Staff augmentation

Under this model, our proficient software experts become an extension of your existing team for long-term solutions, specific requirements and day-to-day tasks. This combination allows you to benefit from capable remote professionals while still being able to manage their activities like you would for an on-prem team.

In other words, while your company utilizes outsourced professionals, the control and directives of the project remain solely your responsibility. This gives you more flexibility on how to best use your new workforce and enables you to lead the project on your own terms.

Managed teams

This model gives your outsourced engineers a little more freedom. Essentially, our managed teams work on specific projects without needing consistent directives from your end. With their specialized skill set, they can handle your requirements all by themselves. While you do provide project goals, Distillery’s engineers manage themselves and determine how they will achieve your desired outcomes.

Hybrid model

As the name suggests, the hybrid model combines the best of both worlds and provides you with a long-term team to support your staff without you having to intervene frequently. You can lead the efforts, but you do not have to invest your time into specific project management.

This means that even as you offer select resources and direction to your outsourced team members, they don’t have to wait around for every instruction or change order from your end. You can lean heavily on their expertise to adjust priorities or maneuver through complexities in order to deliver your end goals in a timely manner.

Hire a partner, not a vendor

The fundamental difference between hiring a partner and a vendor is the significant aspect of investment. A partner is invested for the long term while the vendor is present for a short period (and with the primary intent of selling). Partners invest in the wellbeing of the company and create strategies that provide compounded value over time to improve the business overall.

Investment and long-term benefit are key values at Distillery. We hold a breadth of experience in developing innovative solutions and maintaining existing applications for our partners. Whether you need additional hands on deck for a specific project or need long-term support for your current team, we can help you meet your goals faster.

We design our solutions to harness the essential benefits of outsourcing software development without affecting the quality or affordability of our end services. This integrated design ensures that we become more of a partner than a typical vendor for your organization. Learn more about the advantages of outsourcing and how we help you achieve your objectives by downloading our full e-guide.