An interactive service for rest and energy recovery during the working day

Client Testimonial

“The Distillery team has been a completely embedded part of our team for the past year. We have worked together with trust, good humor, efficiency and creativity since the inception of this stage of our product. Their troubleshooting skills, persistence, thoughtfulness, and smart design implementation have made the collaboration a joy. We are grateful, with them, and with our small team, to be making something that has found so many happy users.”



Founder, Breakthru

10,000 Companies take care of their employees and play Breakthru.

4.9 Stars rating on Microsoft


From the implementation point of view, the peculiarity of the project was that we had not developed applications for Teams before. As we created hundreds of products for iOS and Android, we knew exactly how they worked, what could and could not be done for them. Here, when we received a request from a client, we could not evaluate it immediately — we needed to study the documentation, try different approaches and find solutions taking into account the Teams limitations. The developers studied the platform’s capabilities in real-time, simultaneously trying to combine them with the client’s requirements.

Value Delivered

The search for the ideal solutions for the client and users required more experiments than usual. Otherwise, the team worked according to the principles familiar to us: Agile development with short sprints and flexible planning.

As a result, despite the new experience, we met for the planned 2 months. The client received the finished product, and we added one more technology to our bundle of knowledge and expertise.

The first results show that the chosen strategy works: distribution through the existing corporate ecosystem gives direct access to an active audience. During the first weeks, the application was installed by several thousand users. At the moment, it has a rating of 4.9 on Microsoft AppSource along with positive reviews.


What’s happening now?

The client plans to continue the enhancement of the product in cooperation with us. Now we are working on new features which should bring great value to both product and users. We plan to scale the app, transfer it to other platforms, and integrate it with other ecosystems.


Breakthru Immersive, INC is producing a proprietary web-based software that leverages AI, spatial computing, and our bodies in motion to deliver movement-based immersive microbreaks, tunable to what you and your workmates need. Useful to enterprise and employees today, as they navigate a new work landscape, a wellbeing tool for individual and group use.