A Leader in the E-commerce Retailer Space

A prominent leader in the e-commerce retailer space has partnered with Distillery’s top team of developers to create platforms that deliver personalized natural and organic products.

The company began their relationship with Distillery in 2019. At this time, the idea of hiring remote employees was a new concept to many companies, including this retailer. As somewhat of an experiment, the retailer started by hiring just one engineer from Distillery. After creating a positive working relationship, the company grew their outsourced development team with Distillery in January of 2020. By 2022, the partnership had grown to over 20 developers and engineers. Throughout the relationship, the company and Distillery have worked on several projects to overcome new challenges and deliver exceptional results.

20+ Distillery developers 

4 years partnership with Distillery

1 million+ members


Website Efficiency and Speed

Since this e-commerce business operates in a highly competitive market, the quality of their web and mobile apps is extremely important. UX/UI, scalability, and high performance are always priority, as well as fast development to meet business expectations. Since its launch, the company experienced exponential business growth, which was further accelerated by external factors and changes in consumer behavior. As such, it became increasingly important 

for the website and mobile application to not only function accurately, but with speed and providing a positive user experience. 

Value Delivered

Over the course of roughly 6 months, the team worked together to improve overall user experience. This was done by reducing the amount of code that was downloaded to the network, as well as refactoring the architecture of the site and applications. This was especially important for mobile devices in order to ensure a smoother, more lightweight experience.

Engineers also completed a blog migration from a legacy system to Nexus in an effort to update code and increase page speeds. Along with these updates, a website redesign was implemented to maintain a fresh look and align with the company’s brand.