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Building Mobile Apps that help Startups and Enterprises build business success

Why mobile app development?

On average, US consumers now spend more than five hours a day on mobile devices. Time spent on apps makes up nearly all of these hours. Beyond the US, studies show that apps dominate time spent on mobile devices, accounting for more than 80% of mobile minutes in the UK, Canada, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, China, and Indonesia. In India, mobile users access the internet through their mobile devices nearly 80% of the time. In other words, mobile apps are where the world’s biggest audiences now reside.

Businesses of all sizes rely on apps to improve their ability to connect with their customers. Apps can help you expand – and better understand – your audience, cultivate customer loyalty, target your marketing, generate income, and differentiate yourself from the competition. Businesses also develop internal workplace apps to help them run their own businesses better. In the world of mobile apps, the possibilities are endless and the potential is limitless.

Why Distillery for mobile app development?

We’re award-winning enterprise mobile app developers who have played a central role in the success stories of countless entrepreneurs, startups, and enterprises. We build apps that help our clients build business success. After working with Distillery to create enterprise mobile applications, our clients have raised massive sums of capital, been acquired for millions of dollars, grown their market footprints, and differentiated themselves from the competition. (To hear what our clients have to say, check out our reviews.)

Mobile app development is – and will always be – Distillery’s sweet spot. Many of our developers and designers have specialized in enterprise mobile app development for nearly a decade. We are experienced in building apps for any device and any platform (e.g., iOS, Android). Our work is entirely custom for each project. We design our services to fit your unique needs (e.g., prototype vs. full development, outsourcing vs. partnering basis) and timeline. Using Agile product development processes and design ideas based on user and competitive research, we craft stunning, production-ready apps designed to deliver the benefits you and your customers seek. Whether you’re in Los Angeles, Seattle, London, or Dubai, Distillery’s talented global team stands ready to create an app that helps your business grow and thrive.

What is mobile app development?

In the enterprise mobile app development process, a good idea is just a starting point. For your idea to sprout wings, strategic thinking and careful prioritization are an absolute must.

The mobile app development process is largely the same as the web development process. Please visit this link to learn more.

Below are some leading practices for enterprise mobile application development. While this list is not exhaustive, it can help you avoid some of the common pitfalls experienced by first-time app developers.

Validate that demand exists for your app
Don’t jump in without first testing the waters. Google your idea. Search for similar products on offer in the Apple Store and Google Play marketplace. Check the “featured apps” and top-grossing charts to see what types of apps are selling. Use Google’s Adwords Keyword Planner Tool to validate how many searches occur for keywords related to your app. Use social media channels (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit) to vet your idea with friends, family, colleagues, and followers. Use tools like Crunchbase and AppTweak to evaluate companies with existing apps that may compete with yours.
Think strategically about the platform(s) and device(s) you’re designing for
As you make your choices, don’t fall prey to stereotypes and assumptions. For example, if you think you only want to design for the iPad and iPhone, you may miss opportunities in the larger global marketplace, where Android devices reign supreme. Your enterprise app development agency should help you weigh the pros and cons of various possibilities.
Think strategically about monetization
Mobile apps can be monetized in several ways (e.g., subscriptions, in-app purchases, in-app advertising). Start thinking early about what makes sense for your app. Research the monetization models of other popular apps.
Focus on developing a strong core product. Save the extras for later
In addition, during the design process, make sure to prioritize development of more important core features. Many first-time app developers want to create apps that try to be everything to everyone from day one. Ultimately, this approach wastes both time and money. It’s better to get a strong core version of your app out into the marketplace and let your users’ feedback help you refine and expand your product. Avoid making bad guesses; instead, let your audience tell you what they want. This approach also has the advantage of getting you to revenue faster.
Integrate analytics
In-app analytics are key to helping you understand your users’ behavior, issues, likes, and dislikes as they interact with your app. You can use analytics data to continue improving upon your product in ways that matter to your users.
Focus on creating a strong user experience
If your users don’t like using your product, your product won’t succeed. User experience (UX) and interface design are crucial components of any mobile app design process.
Develop a marketing plan early in the process
Your app will not sell itself. Identify your audience, and target your marketing efforts toward that audience’s needs and preferences. Think about your audience as you choose your app’s name, icon, distribution channels, and price. Make a plan to get your app reviewed (e.g., by bloggers, techie websites). Consider if/how you can (sparingly!) use push notifications to entice users to come back to your app. Evaluate potential promotional campaigns or services that can give your app an occasional download boost. Above all, make a plan that enables you to track and measure your marketing efforts so that you can determine where you’re gaining your biggest ROI and re-direct your efforts as needed.
Plan for post-launch maintenance and upgrades
Today’s consumers expect continuing upgrades in the form of new app features and improved functionality. They also expect prompt remediation of bugs or issues. Make sure you have a plan in place that enables you to continue development and address your customers’ needs on an ongoing basis.


You need a global perspective to thrive in today’s global marketplace. We're based in Los Angeles, but our reach and experience are global. While our primary market is the USA, we work with companies around the world and in every time zone, from Los Angeles to Miami, London to Dubai. Our international experience enables us to bring a more diverse, globalized point of view to your project.


You could be a solo entrepreneur looking for help with creating a Proof of Concept, a fully funded startup launching your first product, or an enterprise in need of assistance with a new line of business app. Your project could be an office productivity application, a casual game, or an internal business tool. You may be looking to add engineering bandwidth to your own development efforts, or you may require a fully outsourced software development effort. No matter your situation or dream, we've got the flexibility to scale our team and our approach to fit your unique needs.


You need a team that can work effectively within your existing technology framework. We're familiar with every major technical stack, from Swift and Objective-C on iOS, to Java on Android, to Node.js, Python, .NET, and PHP on the backend. We'll integrate smoothly with your team, adapt to your working style, and stay in touch with your preferred communication solution, whether that's Slack, Basecamp, JIRA, GitHub, or Asana.


We practice full Agile software development. More than just a buzzword, Agile ensures that we deliver the product you're expecting without surprises or delays. By building in small chunks and validating every step of the way, we ensure your experience is "plug and play,", not "pay and pray." And we can deliver new features or modifications in days or weeks, instead of months.


You not only want a product that works – you want a product that shines. At Distillery, we balance engineering with artistry. Our experienced designers work hand in hand with development to deliver stunning, production-ready assets on schedule and on budget.


Your success and satisfaction are the true measure of our success in serving you. We work with you to set expectations and hold ourselves accountable for meeting them. We monitor your satisfaction on several levels throughout the project, enabling ongoing improvement and timely issue identification and resolution.