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First impressions matter. In today’s world – full of near-constant notifications and other distractions from our smart phones and open browser tabs – your website has only seconds to grab consumers’ attention. In fact, ever-increasing internet use is slowly changing how our brains work: studies show that as soon as we go online, we read faster and less thoroughly, and our ability to focus is severely reduced. However, studies have also shown that, if your website is able to pass an initial skimming test (~10 seconds) that makes consumers feel they’ve found content that is helpful and relevant, they are much more likely to explore your site more thoroughly. But the opposite is also true: they will quickly leave if they don’t immediately perceive your value.

In addition, today’s consumers have no patience for lag time or broken site architecture. Your site needs a strong, reliable foundation based on leading web technology solutions.


Distillery’s designers and web developers will work with you to create a custom website or web application that looks great on any device and makes the most of those initial 10 seconds. (Check out our reviews and awards.) We’ll provide a range of creative ideas focused on helping you create a strong, professional-looking web product that will engage your target audience. To provide a solid, sustainable foundation for your product, we build a well-thought-out, reliable system architecture and backend to support it. We choose supporting technologies (e.g., React, Angular 1 and 2, Python, Node.js) based on your project’s unique needs, delivering a robust framework that supports scalable development on an ongoing basis. We stay firmly on the leading edge of web technology, offering in-house specialists for any new frontend or backend web technology. In addition, we also help you consider potential digital marketing and ecommerce strategies for your product, turning your web product into a true business instrument.


There are several phases common to any web development process. Our primer helps to demystify the process and let you know what to expect.

There are several phases common to any web development process. Similar processes are used during mobile app development. The primary phases are as follows:

User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design:
Wireframing (including Discovery and Sitemap):
Wireframes create a visual guide depicting your product’s framework and user interface. They are not intended to show design elements, but rather to focus on meeting user needs (explored via various Discovery techniques) and providing a strong user experience. In tandem, a Sitemap is developed to depict your product’s organizational hierarchy.
Concept (mood boards):
Mood boards are developed to convey possible UI design concepts for your product, including its style (e.g., color scheme, typography), voice, and language.
The design phase is collaborative and iterative, involving input and feedback from UX designers, UI designers, you (the client), and – in many situations – actual users. The design is continually refined based on the feedback received. Finally, a high-fidelity version of the product is created, validated, and sent to development.
System architecture:
The systems architects will develop an understanding of the various levels of requirements and consider viable technologies. They perform cost-benefit analyses to evaluate various alternatives and ultimately generate a recommendation that ensures a robust, reliable, and cost-effective overall design that’s customized to your needs. They create blueprints that consider integration constraints and adhere to standards whenever possible (thereby maximizing your ROI); those blueprints are used to plan development.
Server configuration:
Possible server configurations are recommended based on your requirements. (Amazon Web Services [AWS] servers are an option we often recommend, given their impressive speed and the free benefits we’re able to offer our clients.)
Frontend development:
Frontend development focuses on creating everything the user experiences when using your product. To create the buttons, navigation menus, input fields/forms, drop-down menus, sliders, and animations your users see, frontend developers use programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and single-page applications (SPAs) and related technologies (e.g., React, Angular). They can also create responsive designs that transform themselves to look great on any device.
Backend development:
The backend is the part of your digital product that you don’t see – the technology that supports its operations. It consists of a server, an application, and a database. Using backend languages such as Python, Ruby, Node.js, and C#, enhancing them with frameworks such as Django, Rails, Express, and .NET Framework, and leveraging databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, and MongoDB, backend developers create a reliable system that supports your product’s frontend.
Quality assurance (QA):
After the code has been developed, it must be tested against the requirements. The purpose of the QA testing is to make certain that the product is in fact addressing the needs it was designed to address. Essentially, we try to break it so we can fix it.
Product release:
Following successful testing, your product goes live. Beta testing typically occurs first, enabling identification and remediation of any remaining bugs or other issues. Once all issues have been fixed, final deployment occurs. Maintenance occurs as needed following deployment.


You need a global perspective to thrive in today’s global marketplace. We're based in Los Angeles, but our reach and experience are global. While our primary market is the USA, we work with companies around the world and in every time zone, from Los Angeles to Miami, London to Dubai. Our international experience enables us to bring a more diverse, globalized point of view to your project.


You could be a solo entrepreneur looking for help with creating a Proof of Concept, a fully funded startup launching your first product, or an enterprise in need of assistance with a new line of business app. Your project could be an office productivity application, a casual game, or an internal business tool. You may be looking to add engineering bandwidth to your own development efforts, or you may require a fully outsourced software development effort. No matter your situation or dream, we've got the flexibility to scale our team and our approach to fit your unique needs.


You need a team that can work effectively within your existing technology framework. We're familiar with every major technical stack, from Swift and Objective-C on iOS, to Java on Android, to Node.js, Python, .NET, and PHP on the backend. We'll integrate smoothly with your team, adapt to your working style, and stay in touch with your preferred communication solution, whether that's Slack, Basecamp, JIRA, GitHub, or Asana.


We practice full Agile software development. More than just a buzzword, Agile ensures that we deliver the product you're expecting without surprises or delays. By building in small chunks and validating every step of the way, we ensure your experience is "plug and play,", not "pay and pray." And we can deliver new features or modifications in days or weeks, instead of months.


You not only want a product that works – you want a product that shines. At Distillery, we balance engineering with artistry. Our experienced designers work hand in hand with development to deliver stunning, production-ready assets on schedule and on budget.


Your success and satisfaction are the true measure of our success in serving you. We work with you to set expectations and hold ourselves accountable for meeting them. We monitor your satisfaction on several levels throughout the project, enabling ongoing improvement and timely issue identification and resolution.