UX/UI Design

The end-user experience is more vital today than ever before. By taking a human-centered approach, Distillery’s Design Team helps you create more engaging and satisfying digital experiences for end users, resulting in higher levels of adoption, retention and satisfaction. This leads to higher customer loyalty and, as a result, increased revenue.

We transform vision into reality

At Distillery, we help take your vision into reality. We keep the end-user experience top-of-mind at every stage of the development process, which helps us create more effective solutions.

We adapt to your needs

By following a flexible working model, Distillery’s designers help you fill in whatever gaps you have, to address any needs you have. We can develop proof of concept, adapt existing UI assets, or even build UI based on existing wireframes.

We deliver products that work

Our user-centric approach allows us to deliver products that not only align with your vision and business goals but also speak directly to your end users.

Process & Expertise

1. Research

Clear goals, KPIs, and objectives are critical to impactful user-centric design. We engage in competitive analysis and user research to challenge our assumptions and gain insight. We then develop user personas and journeys that guide decision-making around creating an intentional design.

2. Information Architecture

The best Information Architecture (IA) is invisible to users, presenting content in a way that feels natural, necessary, and valuable. IA helps us align your product’s design with users’ expectations and mental models. Sitemaps, wireframes, and early testing are foundational to great customer experience.

3. User Experience

We create customer journey maps, user flows and user stories, wireframes, and future-state, high-level architecture to guide development. Throughout, your customers stay at the center of design decisions, ensuring a meaningful, valuable user experience.

4. Web and Mobile User Interface Design

Visual appeal is a key feature of effective user-centric design. From early mood boards to the development of a style guide, icons, and micro-animations, we prioritize visual identity. We create a strong, cohesive UI connected to your KPIs. Finally, we prepare all design assets for development.

5. User Testing

We conduct user testing to ensure your product delivers on the KPIs and user goals established at the start of your project. We evaluate the results of user testing sessions with you and make improvements, ensuring your product is aligned to your user goals.

Whatever your design needs, our team of senior UX/UI designers can work with you to bring your vision to life.