eCommerce delivers many conveniences to consumers, as well as fast go-to-market strategies for vendors. To guarantee eCommerce’s success, vendors and consumers need an operational interface online, which we call an eCommerce website. It allows businesses to conduct interactions and transactions with customers instantly and directly.

Having your own website is a key part of your eCommerce strategy. It is the online store and your face to the customers. From the website, you grow your brand and acquire loyal customers. eCommerce websites also help gain new insights and creative marketing opportunities.

Establish and Escalate the Plan

When developing an eCommerce website, first we need a plan to execute, including the site’s front-end components like your product pages and shopping carts that handle customer shopping experiences, and back-end handling services such as your order form, support pages and connections within databases, registration, payments and more.

Such eCommerce website development can require seasoned experiences and a professional programming skill set. For instance, JavaScript is the most popular and leading programming language worldwide for eCommerce websites. It is highly versatile and scalable and can extend web pages beyond static capabilities.

Lighten the Workload for Less Stress

Based on market data, the overall cost of a custom website development could range from $1,500 to $6,000 for a mid-size e-commerce business. An enterprise-level custom portal with its own back-end plugins can cost from $10,000 to $30,000. To make a great ROI in your investment for eCommerce website development, you want to go with the optimal approach of its design and implementation.

When managing your eCommerce operation, it can be highly stressful to handle your web development by yourself. Outsourcing website development can help lighten the workload while still building an optimal eCommerce website that meets your needs.

Good Communication Reveals Potential

Some businesses may view an in-house eCommerce solution as ideal, but the truth of the matter is that outsourced solutions have keener technical expertise and better communication, which is what your company needs to reach its true potential.

In addition, outsourcing costs less and eases the burden, with the guaranteed delivery time you requested.

What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is an outsourcing practice that allows professional talent to scale, fully integrated with your teams, tech and processes. Otherwise, it may be expensive to hire the web development team full-time and through traditional channels.

Hence the staff augmentation and outsourcing approach could especially benefit new and small business owners who have limited resources to start their operations.

Plus, IT staff augmentation can help your current staff manage their responsibilities without added pressure. For instance, website updates are handled by your third-party team members, which leaves your full-time staff to focus on their responsibilities.

Actionable Solutions, From Us to You

Distillery Tech provides technology solutions for startups, SMBs and enterprises. We are the best answer to the question of what is staff augmentation.

  • IT Staff Augmentation. We provide engineering talent to scale, fully integrated with our clients’ structure, technology and processes.
  • Delivery Teams. We offer autonomous, remote teams designed to deliver product and technology solutions.
  • Custom Software Development. We offer full-cycle, end-to-end custom software development, designed specifically for our clients’ business needs.

The Problem Distillery Tech Solves

We help our clients grow by providing a scalable workforce of educated and experienced engineers. With highly flexible options for engagements, our developers can function as a short-term or long-term solution for your development needs.

When companies need to scale their engineering capacity, and there’s no way to fulfill these positions with the local market, we provide experienced resources faster than trying to internally recruit. Our development centers are in Eastern Europe and Latin America, so the resources we provide allow companies to reduce costs without compromising the quality of work.

What Ranks Distillery Tech Above its Competition

The quality of our engineering talent is what sets us apart. Our clients always say the level of engineering expertise is higher than any other outsourcing company they have worked with. We’re seen not as a vendor but as partners, embedded in our clients’ teams. We are also very high-touch when it comes to our clients.

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